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Software for
a Safer World

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Situational Awareness

  • Fuses Geo-spatial mapping with real-time event details.

  • Provides timely information to help users avoid threats and mitigate risks.

Protective Ecosystem

  • Collaboration with industry leaders to develop resiliency solutions.

  • Integration of onsite sensors and crowd-sourced intelligence, with official alerts to address security challenges.



  • Enabling knowledge adoption by synthesizing data patterns and providing statistical inferences.

  • Merging machine and human intelligence to deliver efficiency on the go.



  • Empowering users with the most reliable and relevant information, when and where it is needed most. 

  • Promoting community activism by protecting personal information on an encrypted network.

Our Mission

Leveraging advanced software technologies and collaborative logic models, we create more secure environments that allow people to live, learn, work and play, free of fear.

We embrace creativity and engage the most talented and dedicated people to anticipate and resolve future challenges.

By integrating the latest technology with proven operational and managerial experience we help uncover what can be and forge a path to new standards of productivity and a safer tomorrow.


Protect People Where They Gather

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Our Vision

The Possibilities Are Endless 

Leveraging intellectual property, our core innovation is a real-time intelligence iPaaS (integration platform as a service) solution. Our patented breakthrough technology fuses the power of crowd-sourcing with IoT and machine learning. Our platforms can ingest data from multiple sources and deliver an unprecedented level of validated information and situational awareness, in client-specific context.

With a unique ability to collaborate and interact with their environment, our clients can address safety concerns and manage security in new ways.


We are focused on ensuring that our solutions perform under the most demanding circumstances providing high-quality, reliable information in a secure and private geo-temporal format.

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Our Solution

Transformational Technologies


Our Partners

GIS Platform Partner


GIS Development Partner


Safety Sensor (IoT) Partner

Technology Integration Partner


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